ZainCash Permanent Wallet


ZainCash Permanent Wallet


You can easily register your permanent wallet by going directly to the nearest agent with your documents (National ID and Residence card) and for Foreigners (Original Passport and permanent residence), or after registering your Basic wallet going to the nearest agent with your ID card to complete the registration process.


Permanent Wallet Features:

  • Linking and activating the "WalletCard" from the International MasterCard to take advantage of many features, such as the ability to shop from the Internet and promote on social media pages, as it supports the two currencies (the dollar and the Iraqi dinar) and the possibility of cash withdrawals of money from ATMs around the world.
  • Immediately transfer and receive money to and from anywhere inside Iraq and cash it out from thousands of agents all over Iraq.
  • Recharge for prepaid lines and pay bills for Zain postpaid lines.
  • Buying all kinds of global digital cards for games, applications and programs such as Apple cards, Google Play, PlayStation, Facebook, Razer, PUBG and many more.
  • Pay bills to merchants and the other services providers available in ZainCash App, such as business and entertainment services, transportation, delivery, charitable organizations and others.
  • Easily book your local and international flights and hotels at the best rates anywhere and anytime.

  • Obtaining a ZainCash account statement and knowing the details and times of the latest financial transactions.


Primary Wallet limits:

Wallet Type

Transaction Limits

Wallet Capacity

Permanent Wallet

2,000,000 IQD Daily

10,000,000 IQD  Monthly

10,000,000 IQD


How to register your Permanent Wallet:

1.Go to the nearest agent and submit the required documents for Iraqi citizen (National ID and Residence card) and for Foreigners (Original Passport and permanent residence)

2. Or, after registering your Basic Wallet, go to the nearest agent with the ID Card to complete the registration process.