Cash-out using IRIS project

Cash-out using IRIS project


ZainCash offers a partnership program with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Iris Guard.

As we work to provide financial aid to refugees and beneficiaries in a smooth manner by verifying the identity of the beneficiary using an eye print (Iris-scan) and withdrawing grants through ZainCash agents.


Features of cash-out with confirmation of Iris

  • Does not require ZainCash wallet registration nor ZainCash application.
  • All beneficiary data is pre-registered with the partner or donor organization (and the United Nations).
  • Providing the highest levels of global protection to transfer funds to beneficiaries safely and effortlessly.
  • The withdrawal can be done exclusively through ZainCash's authorized agent , who owns an iris guard device to verify the beneficiary’s iris scan.
  • The presence of the beneficiary person to take an eye print while bringing the phone requires showing the text message received from the organization in order for the agent to make sure that the beneficiary person is included in the financial grant.
  • There are no commissions for withdrawing the financial grant and all commissions are paid to agents by ZainCash.
  • High support from the ZainCash team for the beneficiaries and the organization, and continuous communication with the beneficiaries through text messages.


What are the steps of the money withdrawal process and what are the required documents?

  • The beneficiary is notified by text message if he is eligible to receive aid funds. The message includes the following information: beneficiary name, registration number, identification number, address and name of the nearest ZainCash agent, the amount to be received and the date of receipt.
  • Go to the specified agent.
  • Bring your phone to show the text message sent to you by the organization for the agent to make sure that you are included in the payment.
  •  Take your iris scan to confirm your identity.
  •  The agent withdraws the funds after verifying the identity.
  •  After withdrawing the money, the receipt will be automatically printed from the agent’s device, which shows all the details of the withdrawal process. The beneficiary and the agent must sign the receipt to ensure the rights of both parties and according to the instructions, with the need for both parties to receive and keep a copy of it

It must be noted that:

  • Only the person named in the text message can receive the money.
  • Assistance provided by Zain Cash employees will be free of charge, the company employees will issue the receipt
  • When the money transfer is completed, the recipient signs only if the amount received matches the amount written on the receipt.
  • If there is a problem with the iris scan, please contact the nearest registration center of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, before the text message expires.
Cash-out using IRIS project