Pay with QR Code

Pay with QR Code


It is an easy, secure, and innovative way to pay. The individual points their camera at the QR code and pays directly to the merchant within seconds. It is one of the payment methods automatically available to all ZainCash customers.


How to cash-out your money?

Once the merchant accumulates e-money in the merchant’s wallet, the merchant can visit any of ZainCash locations available here and withdraw the money easily.


How to accept payment via QR code?

  • Merchants simply need to display the dedicated ZainCash QR code at the point of sale to accept electronic payments from their customers.
  • The Merchant needs to be a permanent wallet subscriber. To become a permanent wallet subscriber, please visit one of our ZainCash agents with your original civil/national ID and residency card.
  • Once you are a permanent wallet subscriber, issue the QR code by contacting [email protected]


Features of accepting payment by QR code:

  • Comfortable customer and merchant experience You don't need to carry anything with you. Your money is all within your reach through the ZainCash app
  • QR code generation process is free
  •  Inexpensive: You will not need to pay a number of exorbitant fees in order to enjoy the QR Code service
  • Secure: The QR Code Payment service is the most secure electronic means for making purchases. With it, you will not be exposed to electronic fraud, and you will not need to carry cards or money, and you will not be exposed to theft.
  • Easy to use: The service is configured to be responsive with ease and convenience.



Pay with QR Code