Accepting payment via QR Code

QR Code is a form of payment for services and products through Zain Cash wallet. The individual scans the QR code and pays directly to the merchant within seconds. It is an easy, secure, and innovative way of payment. It is one of the payment methods automatically available for all Zain Cash Customers and provides cash-back to users.

1. User click on” pay” on the Zain Cash application
2. Scan the QR code displayed at the merchant
3. Payment completed, money transferred to merchant wallet

How to cash-out your money?

Once the merchant accumulates e-money in the merchants wallet, the merchant can visit any of Zain Cash locations available here and withdraw the money easily.

How to accept payment via QR code?

Merchants simply need to display the dedicated Zain Cash QR code at the point of sale to accept electronic payments from their customers.

 Merchant needs to be a permanent wallet subscriber. To become a permanent wallet subscriber, please visit one of our Zain Cash agents with your original civil/national ID and residency card. To know the nearest agent, click here

Once you are a permanent wallet subscriber, issue the QR code by contacting .

1. Merchant on the laptop filling his information
2. Print the QR code that defines the merchant wallet
3. Display QR code at the point of sale
Benefits of accepting QR code payments?

  • Convenient cash-like experience
  • No hardware costs
  • Reduced cost
  • Secure
  • No need to deposit cash payments