Money Cash in & Cash out

You do not have to carry cash money in your physical wallet now.

You can deposit into the mobile wallet or withdraw money from your mobile wallet when you need it at one of our agents throughout Iraq.

To know the nearest point of sale, please dial the free number *260#, you can also find the nearest location through ZainCash Mobile Application or here.

Cash in:

  • To start enjoying “Zain Cash” services, customer should first cash-in the desired amount of money (Cash) to his/ her Zain Cash wallet.
  • You can cash-in the required amount to your wallet by visiting the nearest authorized “Zain Cash” point of sale .
  • Point of sale’s agent will assist you to cash-in your wallet with the required money amount.
  • After completion of wallet cash-in process by the agent, you should pay the deposited amount to be able to get the benefit of the e-money and use “Zain Cash” service.
  • Cash-in service is free of charge, as no fee will be dedcuted from your wallet or by point of sales agent.

Cash out:

  • You can cash out any amount of money (cash) from the e-wallet by visiting the nearest authorized point of sale for “Zain Cash” service and make sure that there is enough money in the e-wallet for cash out and this can be done by dialing the short number *210# then select number 3 and follow the provided instructions.
  • A fee of 1% will be deducted from your wallet account and will calculated depending on withdrawal amount.