Bill payment for Zain Iraq postpaid lines

With “Zain Cash” service, you can pay your postpaid line bill or any Zain Iraq postpaid line bill anytime and anywhere directly through the mobile. This alternative mean for bill payment is available for customers and its unique of its kind in the industry.

Use “Zain Cash" new app and pay your postpaid Zain phone bills with no additional cost from your mobile in the matter of seconds.

How do I pay Prepaid bills with "Zain Cash" App?
  • Go to the app and choose "Pay Zain Postpaid" then enter the bill amount and postpaid number.
  • Type the wallet number of the receiver.
  • Press Submit, type your PIN and confirm the transfer, You'll receive a notification with details about your bill.

This service is available to all Zain Iraq customers whom subscribed to “Zain Cash” service.

  • With “Zain Cash” service it is possible to pay the monthly bill of Zain Iraq postpaid lines directly through the e-wallet account of “Zain Cash” service.
  • Bill payment can be done by dialing the short number *210# then select number 4 and follow the provided instructions.
  • Bill payment through “Zain Cash” service is free.