Book your flights and hotels at the best rates through Zain Cash Application.

With Zain Cash application, you can easily book your local and international flights and hotels at the best rates anywhere and anytime. You are able to search for flights from many airlines that suits your schedule and budget; the booking portal includes, Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, Jordanian Airlines, Emirates Airlines, and more.

How to book via Zain Cash application:

Download Zain Cash application here

  • If you're an Android user, you can book flights and hotels through Amadeus by following the steps below

  • If you're an IOS user, you can book flights  through Booking Advisors | Moonline, by following the steps below
To register Zain Cash wallet


  • dial *210# from your Zain line and follow the instructions
  • To deposit money, visit the nearest Zain Cash agent and deposit money into your wallet
  • To know the nearest agent, go to “Nearest Agent” through the Zain Cash Application
  • For more details, call 107