Pay through an agent or by friend

You no longer need a wallet to pay online….pay through an agent or by friend:

Now, even if you don’t have a Zain Cash wallet you can still select Zain Cash to pay for an online service or product. All you have to do is to select “Pay at a Zain Cash agent or through a friend’s Zain Cash wallet”.

For example, you wish to book an airline ticket or buy a product online from a website or mobile application that accepts Zain Cash as payment, however, you don’t currently have a Zain Cash wallet. You can select Zain Cash as a payment option and choose to pay at one of our thousands of agents or through a friends or colleague who owns a Zain Cash wallet.

How does it work?

  • selects Zain Cash as the payment methods at the e-commerce payment page
  • If  you have a wallet, then will select “Pay using your wallet”, otherwise, select “Pay through an Agent or by Friend ”

  • Once you’ve clicked “Pay through an agent or by friend ”, a short code will be generated as well as a map to show the nearest Zain Cash agents to your location.

  • The buyer can go to any Zain Cash agent or a friend, provide the 6 digits reference number. The agent or friend will enter this information in the payment section, which then will confirm the amount and the service provider, request the amount of Cash, and conduct the payment on your behalf.

  • Once conducted, the buyer will receive the confirmation as the payment is done and the service is confirmed. Ensure to ask for the operation ID that represents the payment proof.