Government Bill Payment

Government Bill Payment


Pay your bills with ZainCash from your place

Through ZainCash, you can easily pay a full amount or a partial amount of your government bills, such as electricity, water, social security, passports, housing fund and many other services.
How to pay your bills through the ZainCash App:

  • Go to the ZainCash App
  • Select "Gov’t Bills" From the main page
  • Choose the type of bill from the " bills menu"
  • Enter the required information
  • The amount due will appear. You can pay the full amount or partial amount.
  • Enter your PIN
  • The process completed successfully.

How to pay bills through ZainCash agents:

  • Go to the nearest agent
  • Select the type of bill that you want to pay
  • The agent will enter your information (phone number and reference number, which may be alphabetical or numerical)
  • The agent will follow the instructions and ensure that the information is correct
  • Then you can pay a full amount or a partial amount
  • The agent will confirm and the process will be completed successfully.


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