NGO Wallet

NGO Wallet

ZainCash provides NGOs with effective, convenient, and secure solutions to pay and disburse funds immediately to beneficiaries to all regions and parts of Iraq electronically, whether it is for one time, or regularly.

NGO Wallet Features:

  • Transferring funds electronically and instantly from the NGO’s wallet to the beneficiaries, and each beneficiary will receive a text message to confirm receipt.
  • Providing the highest levels of protection and security while transferring funds to beneficiaries without any effort.
  • Verify the identity of the user and confirm financial transactions before the process.
  • Comply to Central bank of Iraq regulations with compliance to CBI protection systems.
  • Wide coverage and network as ZainCash provide thousands of authorized agents all over Iraq regions
  • ZainCash provides precise and detailed reports to NGO’s to monitor the results of the financial disbursement.
  • Providing advanced communication tools to inform beneficiaries of payment dates, confirm receipt of payments, respond to requests and complaints at any time, in addition to communicating with them when needed.
  • Beneficiaries will be able to get their financial dues quickly and safely.
  • Beneficiaries can get their financial dues without being obliged to access mobile devices.

Required documents:

Wallet type Validity date Required documents
NGO Wallet No Expiry Date
  • Company registration certificate
  • Authorization Letter
  • Civil ID for Iraqis, residency card for Non-Iraqis (Original passport and entrance visa required).
  • Fill "Know Your Customer" (KYC) form.
  • Lease agreement or organization ownership document.