Western Union

Western Union  


You can transfer money to and receive to Iraq from 200+ countries using Western Union services in various currencies in simple steps directly through ZainCash App with a transaction limit is 4 million Iraqi Dinars per month (The service is available for permanent wallets ONLY How to register).


Benefits of using Western Union international transfer:

  • Transfer money abroad in seconds to 200+ countries.
  • Receive money instantly from 200+ countries.
  • More than 500,000 Western Union agent locations in +200 worldwide.
  • Check transfer status in easy steps direct on ZainCash App.
  • Fast and reliable money transfers.
  • Send and receive money 24/7.
  • Save the recipient's information for easy re-sending.

How to activate Western Union feature:

  •  Open ZainCash application.
  • Select "Western Union" from the main interface of the application.
  • Complete the three-dimensional photo verification stpes.
  •  Once the live photo matches the three-dimensional photo, the Western Union service will be activated for you.

Note: During the three-dimensional verification process, make sure not to wear a hat, glasses, or any tool that may hide a part of your face, such as bandages or others.


How to send money?

●   Open "ZainCash" App.
●   Choose "Western Union"
●   Choose "Send Money"
●   Enter the following:
      ❖   Receiver’s Full Name as the official ID of the receiver).
      ❖   The nationality.
      ❖    Relationship to Receiver.
      ❖    Purpose of Transaction.
      ❖    Choose destination country.
      ❖    Choose destination currency (Some countries have multiple currencies).
      ❖    Enter amount to be sent the OR amount to be received (in the receiver currency).
      ❖   Choose the delivery method for the money based on the destination country:

  1. Cash: the receiver can visit a WU agent and get cash. To know the nearest agent of WU, click here.
  2. MMT (Mobile money transfer).
  3. Transfer to bank account: Customers will need to fill in a bank field related to this option: bank name, account number, Swift, etc.

      ❖   Enter promo code (if you have a promo code from WU please use it to get a discount on the transfer fee).

      ❖     Choose the source of Funds.

      ❖    Transaction completed successfully; the customer will get the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) to share it with the receiver to receive the funds.


 How to receive Money?

  • Open "ZainCash" App.
  • Choose "Western Union" from the main page.
  • Choose "Receive Money".
  • Enter MTCN.
  • Enter the expected received amount in IQD.
  • The amount shall be credited to the wallet, and can be cashed out from ZainCash agents.

 For more information, contact us on WhatsApp www.ZainCash.support