Top Up ZainCash Wallet Through WalletCard

Transfer from WalletCard to Wallet

What is the Wallet top-up service through WalletCard?

A new service launched by ZainCash that enables its subscribers to transfer money from the WalletCard to the Wallet in dinar and dollar currencies at any time and from anywhere

What is the minimum transfer amount?

* The minimum amount is 250 Iraqi dinars or 1 dollar
* The maximum amount depends on the WalletCard limit
* Please take into consideration the maximum wallet capacity if there is a balance available in the wallet.

In case of facing any issues in the transfer process

Please send your complaint to ZainCash team via Whatsapp with the required information:
* Sender and recipient phone numbers on which the wallets are activated 
* Backup phone number for the customer
* 9 digits of the WalletCard serial number
* Transferred amount and currency type
* Operation number, if any

What are the fees of transferring from WalletCard to Wallet?

Transfer fee is 0.5% of the transferred amount

How can I top up my wallet using the WalletCard?

* Start Zain Cash application and select the “WalletCard” icon.
* Click on the Transfer to Wallet Option
* A new page will appear that requires you to enter the amount to be transferred to the wallet and the currency available on the card, dollars or dinars
* An interface will appear containing the details of the amount to be transferred and the transfer fees in case of transfer in dollar
* Then press send and the amount will be transferred from the WalletCard to the wallet.