Deadline: 31/1/2024

Job Description:

Main Responsibilities and Duties                 

  1. Manage AML and Fraud systems in terms of rules set-up and resolutions
  2. Manage suspicious alerts or cases related to AML/Fraud to be reviewed within the team to ensure timely and efficient identification and monitoring of unusual activities and transactions
  3. In-depth expert analysis, review and investigation of unusual transactions, suspicions or system-generated alerts as highlighted through internal systems, reports, staff, regulators, or market intelligence
  4. Ongoing assessment of the AML transaction monitoring system to ensure the volume of false positives is minimized.
  5. Manage communication with AML/CFT at CBI
  6. Develop and keep up to date AML/CFT related training materials.
  7. Ensure up to date application of new rules announced by CBI or any other regulator for Zaincash.
  8. Act as the first level of referral and contact for the AML team in respect to discussion of cases, assistance in investigations or issues with business units, etc
  9. Responsible for risk-based AML monitoring and trend analysis to identify any links between identified suspicions, concerns, unusual activity, and customers to protect the company from risk associated with potential inter-related criminal activities and money launderers.
  10. Assess, recommends, be proactive and drive any enhancements for AML, Sanctions and On Boarding Systems including reviewing, identifying, and addressing system/process/control gaps.


Education and Trainings/ Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree is a must, preferred in business administration.
  2. Minimum of 4 years’ experience in AML/CFT with banking or financial services sector with min 4 years of experience. 
  3. Good understanding and awareness of financial crime regulatory requirements and international best practice.
  4. Experience in analyzing and interpreting relevant regulations and regulatory requirements.
  5. Awareness of CBI regulations in respect to AML/CFT and its updates
  6. Additional privileges will be considered for having fraud management experience or fraud analysis skills and knowledge.


Skills and Competencies

  1. Analytical and attention to detail
  2. Good written and oral communication
  3. Strong personality.
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