Digital Cards

What are digital cards? and where to use it?

They are cards that can be purchased from ZainCash app, and you will get a serial number and a secret code for the cards, and they allow you to subscribe and pay for diffrent and many games such as PUBG and buy a subscribation in diffrent applications as well, pay internet subscription or buy credits phone balance and many more.

I didn't receive the digital card that I purchased through ZainCash app, what should I do?

Please provide us with the transaction number, card type, date of purchase, and ZainCash wallet number which you purchased the card through it on one of the following channels:

Email: [email protected]

The company's WhatsApp 9647806999902

Customer Call Center 107

What are the cards that can be purchased from ZainCash app?

You can find out the available cards through:

  • Log in to the Zain Cash application
  • Click on "Digital Goods" on the main interface of the application
How can I see the cards that I purchased before?

You can see all the cards that you have purchased through our application from (Purchased Digital Goods) by following steps:
1- Log in to ZainCash app
2- Click on the "side menu" at the left top of the app 
3- Choose "Purchased Digital Goods"
4- All cards purchased from the ZainCash app will appear