Cash disbursement service

What is the cash distribution service?

ZainCash provides companies and organizations with effective, convenient and secure solutions to pay and distribute funds instantly to a large number of individuals or companies from all regions and parts of Iraq electronically and simultaneously, whether it is for one time, a number of times or periodically.

What are the features of the cash distribution service?
  •  Robust technology platform: Zain Cash deploys a platform that is available in 54 countries and used by 120 million subscribers worldwide. It obtains 99.999% availability and is backed by data recovery.
  • Efficient financial transfer process: Zain Cash set-up an efficient and effective process for financial transfer to beneficiaries.
  • Secure systems and verifiable transactions: We implement the highest standards of security to ensure peace of mind to the businesses and beneficiaries.
  • Strong coverage: Zain Cash has thousands of agents throughout Iraq and locating the agent has never been easier. A beneficiary can dial *260# from any Zain line or locate the closest agent via Zain Cash mobile application. We also set-up new agents and coverage based on business needs.
  • Insightful and transparent reporting:
    • We provide insightful reporting based on business needs to monitor progress
    • We also provide a communication mechanism to instantly inform beneficiaries about disbursement, respond to inquiries round-the-clock, and reach them during inactivity
How can I benefit from this service? How to get this service?

You must first have one of ZainCash's business wallets (click here to get a wallet)
An employee from our Business Development Department will contact you and activate the service for you.