Payment Gateway

What is the Payment Gateway?

It's an online payment service that can be done through your organization's website or mobile application. The company can also inform its customers when it is time to pay the bill and direct them to the company's website where they will be able to view the bill, then pay and manage their bills.

What Payment Gateway features is?
  • Attract more customers, Where buyers can pay from anywhere in the world.
  • Get paid faster, within seconds, as soon as the button is clicked, the funds are in your ZainCash account. If you wish, you can then withdraw them to your bank account or cash out from any agent
  • Apply to any digital channel, Website, Mobile application, Facebook. Set-up is easy with continuous support from ZainCash experts.
  • Protected wherever you are, our checkout page has the highest security standards and fraud detection technology at no additional cost.
  • Real-time reports, all transaction details available to you anywhere anytime through ZainCash webportal more control. ability to conduct refunds or reversals.
  • 24/7 Support for you, just by contacting us through the Whatsapp number number: 9647806999902 or through our call center number: 9647835428888.
How the service work from the customer side?
  • When a customer completes his order on your organization's website or mobile application, he can choose to pay using ZainCash
  • When the consumer clicks Pay using ZainCash, a window will appear asking him to enter the wallet number and the PIN code
  • After entering the correct code, ZainCash will send the customer information to the organization's server
  • The customer will receive an instant notification and a text message confirming the payment process containing all the details of the payment
  • The company will deliver a real-time notification and a text message of receipt of the payment, and the payment and the order can be displayed on the electronic monitoring interface of the company
What are the service fees that deducted from the customer and from the company?
Service  fees

Setup and Merge


Reports and management


Pay online bills by mobile (paid by the subscriber or the company, according to the agreement)

Cash-out from ZainCash agents



Financial settlement through the bank

How can you add ZainCash as an e-payment method in your website or application?

You must register for a business wallet with ZainCash by filling in the following form here.

One of the ZainCash business development team will contact you and help you complete the merger process and add ZainCash as your payment method.