WalletCard - Mastercard

About WalletCard
What is a WalletCard? What are its advantages and features?

It is a Mastercard linked with a ZainCash wallet and used for online purchases, for payment via Mastercard payment machines (POS) and withdrawals from ATMs.

  • To own and activate a WalletCard, you must have a permanent wallet in ZainCash.
  • You can top up the WalletCard balance through the ZainCash wallet App.
  • You can control the card and know the balance and date of transactions through the "WalletCard" option in the ZainCash application.
  • The card contains two accounts at the same time (Iraqi dinars and US dollars).
  • A subscriber is entitled to own only one card.
  • It is not possible to transfer from the dinar account to the dollar account in the card and vice versa.
  • The card is valid for two years from the date of issuance.
  • This card works in all countries of the world depending on the currency, it works in the Iraqi dinar currency inside Iraq only (the Iraqi dinar account) and it works in the dollar currency in the rest of the world (the US dollar account)
I cannot cash-out money in dollars from the WalletCard!

You can cash-out money in dollars only through an ATM that supports the dollar.

I bought a WalletCard and its expiration date is less than a year from the date of activation!

When purchasing the card and activating it, you will be compensated with the amount of the card purchase at the end of the validity period, which is 15,000 IQD, and the period between the date of card activation and the date of expiration must be less than a year in order for the subscriber to be compensated.

The customer is required to contact us when the card expires in order to be compensated with the amount through one of the following channels:

Email: [email protected]

The company's WhatsApp 9647806999902

Customer Service Center 107

Is there an extension of validity for the walletcard?

The validity period of the WalletCard is written on the card itself and cannot be extended.

What happens to the WallettCard when I cancel my ZainCash wallet?

It remains effective after canceling the ZainCash wallet, but the customer cannot fill the card and will not receive messages with transactions information that done by walletcard.

What are the fees for WalletCard transactions?
  • The price of the card is 15,000 IQD.
  • Recharge the wallet card for free, and upon filling in the US dollar account, the conversion rate from dinar to dollar will be calculated according to the daily exchange rate

Commissions for online purchases:

  • US dollar account: 50 cents from every purchase.
  • An Iraqi dinar account is 600 IQD for each purchase.

Cash-out from ATMs:

  • The Iraqi dinar account is 0.4%, with a minimum of 1000 IQD for each cash-out
  • The US dollar account is $5 per cash-out.

Payment from POS devices:

  • 0.06% with a minimum of 2000 IQD.
What should I do when I find my lost WalletCard?
  • Open ZainCash app, then select "WalletCard".
  • Choose to unfreeze the card.
  • Enter your ZainCash wallet's PIN code.
  • The card has been re-activated successfully, and now you can use the card.
When the card is lost, how I can cash-out the remaining balance?
  • Go to the ZainCash website and fill out the form for withdrawing money from your walletcard (Form link)
  • Fill out the form to withdraw the remaining amount.
  • The minimum refundable amount is 25 US dollars or its equivalent in Iraqi dinars.
  • You will receive a message informing you upon the completion of the process of transferring money from the walletcard to the ZainCash wallet.
What should I do if I lost my walletcard?
  • Open the ZainCash app, then select "WalletCard".
  • Choose "Freeze the Card".
  • Enter the PIN code for the ZainCash wallet.

When the card is frozen, you will not be able to use it until the card is unfrozen.

What should I do if I forgot my password for the WalletCard or entered it 3 times incorrectly?
  • Open the ZainCash app, then select "WalletCard".
  • Select re-send the password to the WalletCard.
  • Enter the PIN code for the ZainCash wallet.
  • You will receive a message with the PIN for the walletcard.
What is the currency of the WalletCard?

The currency adopted in the walletcard is the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar in two separate accounts for each of them, and it's not possible to transfer between them from dinar to dollar or vice versa.

When filling in the dollar account in the walletcard, the daily exchange rate of the dollar will be adopted.

How do I use WalletCard in POS devices?
  • Insert the card into the POS device.
  • Enter the PIN code (four numbers that you will receive via SMS).
  • After completing the payment, you will receive a message informing you that the process is complete.
I cannot cash-out money from the ATM. No authorization appears?

Please make sure to enter the correct password for the walletcard and not the wallet. It is preferable to choose to resend the code through the ZainCash app by going to "WalletCard" and then click on "Resend the password" and you will receive a text message on your phone line that includes the Pin Code of the WalletCard.

Or call the toll-free customer service number (107) for more help

What should I do when an error appears when making a purchase from any website?

The following should be sent to the following email: [email protected] or WhatsApp: 07806999902:

  • Screenshot for the card balance in dollars with screenshot for the error message that appears upon purchase.
  • The 9-digit serial number on the bottom left of the card.
  • The date of the purchase.
  • Website address.
What should I do if I encounter a problem while purchasing from the online website and the process is suspended or rejected?

In the event that your purchase of the product is suspended or rejected, please ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • Ensure that the card information is entered correctly.
  • Ensure that there is enough balance on the card.
  • Your balance must be in US dollars.
  • The validity of the walletcard is not expaired.
  • Make sure that you have entered the PIN and CVC code correctly.
How do I use WalletCard in ATMs
  • Insert the card into the ATM.
  • Enter the PIN code for the WalletCard, which you received by text message.
  • Enter the amount to be withdrawn after making sure that you have the enough amount in your card.
  • After completing the withdrawal, you will receive an SMS message informing you of the completion of the process.
How do I use WalletCard on E-commerce websites?
  • Open the website you want to buy from.
  • Choose the Mastercard payment process.
  • Enter the card number consisting of (16) digits in the required field.
  • Enter the expiration date.
  • Enter the CVC code on the back of the card
  • Enter the name (Your name will be written on the walletcard inside the ZainCash app, in the option "WalletCard" only and not on the physical card)
  • Enter the delivery address
  • After completing the purchase, you will receive a message informing you of the purchase proccess is complete.

* The walletcard supports the 3D Secure feature, so when you make the payment, you will receive a text message containing the OTP code to confirm the payment process.

Where can I use the WalletCard?
  • Use in E-commerce sites.
  • Use in ATM machines.
  • Use in POS devices
How can I check the WalletCard balance?

You can check your WalletCard balance by going to the ZainCash app, then clicking on "WalletCard" and choosing the currency to see the balance of the card in US dollars or Iraqi dinars.

How can I cash-in money on the WalletCard?
  • Open the ZainCash application, then select "WalletCard".
  • Click on the "Top-up" option.
  • Choose the currency (Iraqi dinars or US dollars).
  • Enter the cash-in amount, click on send, then enter your wallet PIN code  to complete the process.
How do I activate the WalletCard?
  • Go to the "ZainCash" application.
  • Click on "WalletCard".
  • Fill in the required fields, then press "Send".
  • You will receive a message confirming the activation process and also containing the code for using the wallet card in the ATM and POS devices.
Where are the WalletCards available? Or where can I buy a wallet card?

It is available at selected agents that you can find out about through the ZainCash app.

How can I withdraw money from my WalletCard when canceled?

You can withdraw money from the walletcard through the following link (XXX) with the need to cancel the card before applying to the link, noting that when the card is canceled, it cannot be activated again and that the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $25 US or its equivalent in Iraqi dinars and that the process takes from 7 Days to 14 working days, noting that an amount of 18,750 dinars or $ 15.62 will be deducted, as a commission for withdrawing money from the walletcard.

How do I get a statement history for WalletCard transactions?

Please send an email to [email protected] or send your request on the company's WhatsApp 9647806999902 mention your card information and request for a Statement of Account

Can I get an account statement for transactions made on the WalletCard?

Yes, all financial transactions executed for the last two months can be following the below:
 Go to the ZainCash application, then choose the walletcard, then choose "Transactions" from the top left of the screen.

In which websites can I use a WalletCard?

You can use the WalletCard on all websites that accept payments via Mastercard.

Does the WalletCard support the PayPal site?

No, it does not support PayPal and does not support profits.

The attempt to cash-in the WalletCard failed, and the amount was deducted from the ZainCash wallet, and the wallet card was not loaded, what should I do!

Send the following information to [email protected]:

  • The 9-digit serial number of the card is located at the bottom left of the wallet card.
  • Amount value.
  • operation number.
  • The customer will be notified when the amount is returned to his wallet.
What do I do if my WalletCard is rejected in ATMs, POS devices, or websites?

Provide us with the following information so that the employee can solve the problem by e-mail: [email protected] or on the WhatsApp number 07806999902
1- The name of the card holder.
2- The last four digits of the 16-digit serial number of the card.
3- The 9-digit serial number of the card is located at the bottom left of the wallet card.
4- A picture of the rejection process by the device / site.
5- The date of the operation.

You cash-out from the ATM machines and the money was deducted from the card and the WalletCard, and the ATM didn't extract the money?

Please provide us with the following information to solve the problem by e-mail: [email protected] or on WhatsApp: 07806999902:

1- The name of the card holder.

2- The last four digits of the 16-digit serial number of the card.

3- The value of the amount that was deducted.

4- The name of the bank that issued the ATM and the name of the branch.

5- The date of the operation, and the customer will be notified when the amount is returned to his wallet card. This process takes 45 working days and this period has been set by the Central Bank of Iraq.

Why does my WalletCard balance appear negative?

The negative balance appeared as a result of making old purchases in which no deduction from the balance occurred due to a delay in the system and was deducted later. In the event that you want to view your account statement, please send your email to [email protected].

How do I use the WalletCard to promote on Facebook?
  • Go to your Facebook page and choose the word "promotion."
  • Several options appear. Choose Promote Facebook Page.
  • Then, several options appear for you to determine where the advertisement appears and the amount deducted for each promotion day.
  • Then he asks to enter the wall card information and press the word "Promote". Your request will remain in action for an hour or two, then the promotion will take place.
Top up ZainCash Wallet Through Wallet Card
What is the Wallet top-up service through WalletCard?

A new service launched by ZainCash that enables its subscribers to transfer money from the WalletCard to the Wallet in dinar and dollar currencies at any time and from anywhere

How can I top up my wallet using the WalletCard?

*Start Zain Cash application and select the “WalletCard” icon.
*Click on the Transfer to Wallet Option
*A new page will appear that requires you to enter the amount to be transferred to the wallet and the currency available on the card, dollars or dinars
*An interface will appear containing the details of the amount to be transferred and the transfer fees in case of transfer in dollar
*Then press send and the amount will be transferred from the WalletCard to the wallet.

What are the fees of transferring from WalletCard to Wallet?

Transfer fee is 0.5% of the transferred amount

In case of facing any issues in the transfer process

Please send your complaint to ZainCash team via Whatsapp with the required information:
*Sender and recipient phone numbers on which the wallets are activated 
*Backup phone number for the customer
*9 digits of the WalletCard serial number
*Transferred amount and currency type
*Operation number, if any

What is the minimum transfer amount?

*The minimum amount is 250 Iraqi dinars or 1 dollar
*The maximum amount depends on the WalletCard limit
*Please take into consideration the maximum wallet capacity if there is a balance available in the wallet.

WalletCard Delivery
How much does a WalletCard cost? How much does delivery cost?

WalletCard prise is 15,000 IQD only, and delivery is free

How I order to deliver WalletCard to my address?

Go to ZainCash app follow this steps:


  1. Click on the side menu to the left of the application. 
  2. Choose "WalletCard delivery" service from the list.
  3. Select your request, three options will appear for you (walletcard with permanent wallet registration, cash-in money). Please note that your wallet must be permanent. If it's not , you have to choose register a permanent wallet.
  4. Fill the information (full name - phone number - province - region - address (or the nearest indicative point) after filling in the information, please click Next.
  5. You will receive a message with confirmation number on the phone number you entered.
  6. Please enter the confirmation number in the specified field and then press Next
  7. A list will appear showing the information that you have entered (verify your information).
  8. Put a checkmark in the field for agreeing to the terms and conditions and finally press Done
  9. You will receive a message on your ZainCash wallet number, telling you that your WalletCard on it way to you, and you can track your order with the order ID.
  10. 8- ZainCash team will contact you to confirm your order
  11. 9- You will receive a message from the delivery company on your personal phone containing a link to track the order.
How much time take to deliver the WalletCard to my address from the time that I place an order?

It takes 72 hours, with the exception of holidays (Friday and Saturday)



I order a WalletCard, but the delivery was delayed?

The walletcard delivery process takes 72 hours, with the exception of holidays (Friday and Saturday)

In case that 72 hours pass during working days and the card has not been delivered, please call the phone: 07806187674 (Toters call center)

I want to cancel my order, what should I do? Or I entered the wrong information and want to cancel the order?

Please contact us on our WhatsApp number: 9706999902

I order to deliver the walletcard, but I did not receive the confirmation code, what should I do?

Please click on the option resend the confirmation code, and in case the message did not arrive, please send this information (full name - phone number - region - address (or the nearest indicative point) to [email protected]

I made a request to deliver the WalletCard and I received the confirmation number, but I did not receive the confirmation message, what should I do?

Please send your user data to the WhatsApp link bit.ly/31h8sOW
Full name - phone number - region - address (or the nearest function point) and your request will be processed quickly.