Money Transfer (from wallet to wallet)

Using “Zain Cash" Money Transfer services, you can now send and receive money to and from family, friends etc. from your mobile line in the most efficient, secure and convenient way.

Also you can now send monthly salaries home to your family from urban cities to rural villages. Similarly, parents can send funds to their children at educational institutions in other cities for tuition fee, monthly pocket money etc.

How do I transfer money with "Zain Cash" App?

  • Go to the app and choose "Money Transfer" then type the amount of money you want to send.
  • Type the wallet number of the receiver.
  • Press transfer, type your PIN and confirm the transfer, You'll receive a notification with details about your transfer.

Additionally, people who travel frequently and don't want to carry cash can use this service by sending money to themselves from one city and collecting the money in another city.

  • A fee of 0.25% will be deducted from your transferred amount.
  • Money transfer through “Zain Cash” service gives you the possibility to transfer any amount of money from your wallet to another wallet belong to Zain Iraq number.
  • to transfer money from your wallet to another, to dial the short number *210# then select number 1 and follow the provided instructions.